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Jun 09, 2004



Do you think pecans would work...? Or walnuts? I have an odd, rather annoying allergy to Hazelnuts...not life-threatening but I like to avoid them.


pecans definitely, their sweetness should work very well and if anything, it'll make the soup more tasty still. i would be careful with the walnuts as they can be very bitter sometimes... let me know how you get on with the pecans, though!


My husband and I had this at our wedding. I have been looking for a recipe for YEARS. Thanks so much.


I had this soup about twenty years ago at a Swiss Restaurant and have NEVER forgotten it. It was amazing. I am so excited to find a recipe for it.


I went to a beautiful resturant last week and had leek and hazelnut soup in a shallow bowl with a row of medium garlic croutons down the middle with grilled prawns balanced on top of the croutons! Unbelievable! I think this recipe will be just the trick to do it home. Yum, thankyou.


any feedback from anyone who has made this soup, besides the lovely author? :)


You can blame 'Tangled' for this recipe's recent popularity. :D


It's true-- though, to be honest, I love hazelnuts to death and Tangled simply brought to my attention that such a wondrous dish could exist! <3

Lori D.

I have been looking for an Iced Hazelnut soup recipe since 1983! I had it at the Acapulco Princess back then and Loved it! Could this be it? Can you serve this chilled?


yeah,Tangled. I don't think I would ever have thought of hazelnut soup else. I wondered if there even were such a thing.

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