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May 24, 2004



Liebes Schwesterherz!
Man sollte Nudeln nicht mit kaltem Wasser abschrecken, die Sauce, besonders, wenn groessere Stuecke darin sind, haftet dann nicht mehr so gut an den Nudeln!! Zumindest habe ich das so erfahren!Vielleicht ist unter den anderen Besuchern Deiner Seite ein(e) richtige(r) Italiener(in), wir wollen politisch korrekt bleiben, der uns da aufklaerung bringen kann!!


Damn, that looks good.


Johanna I hope you don't mind If I answer Clemente's comment. Pasta usually is not rinsed in water, but it is right (even necessary) to do so if you want to serve it cold, as a salad for example. The reason why one should otherwise avoid this is that the pasta surface absorbes some of the sauce when hot, if you rinse it, even quickly, the surface of the pasta cools (even if the rest stays hot) and the sauce woun't "stick" as it should. To improve this "sticking" effect one can drain the pasta while it still needs 2-3 minutes cooking and toss it with the sauce plus a few tablespoons of pasta cooking water. To prevent pasta pieces sticking to themselves it's enough to cook them in enough water, at leas 1 litre per 100g pasta. Clearly this is all for the hair-splitting pasta cook ;-): even in Italy I've seen loads of people rinse their cooked pasta.


thanks alberto, I was hoping to be put right by you ;-). at home, my mum used to add oil to the water in which the pasta was cooked, but I found this to be unnecessary using my cold water method. I will try without now, following your advice. Reason for doing it was mainly, as you say, that I wanted to prevent the pasta from overcooking... i'll let you know how it goes.

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