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Feb 22, 2005



Hmmm...what an intriguing combination of ingredients! I can't imagine the next time I'll be having lobster, but I'll file this away for future reference- thanks!


Hi Jo, this may seem like silly questions but er... it's coming from an Asian who's not entirely familiar with some ingredients:

1. what is pancetta? do you buy it fried? or do you simply buy bacon and fry it yourself?

2. if i'm unable to get vanilla pods where i live, can i simply infuse mayo with vanilla essence? how much shd i put?

eeps... thanks for your patience!


Pancetta is pork belly that has been salted, spiced and dried for about 3 months. It is often referred to as "Italian bacon". When I use it, I always buy thinly SLICED pancetta, rather than cubed. It's thinner and fatter than streaky bacon, but lots of the fat goes when you fry it. Try the following link for more info:
However, the pancetta shown there is the rolled version, I usually buy just the plain cured pork-belly.
Vanilla essence could work, I've never trid it before, but as long as it does not contain any sugar, you should get the same effect.
Let me know how it went, OK?


the sandwich bitter it is not good to the people's health


hi leera, i am not sure what you mean by that as there is no butter in this at all - but even if there were, it has been long proven that butter has no ill effect on people's health (if consumed in moderation, as everything), on the contrary, saturated fats are vital for some body functions, including hormone balance. margerine, however, is the worst thing you can eat, full of chemicals and stabilisers that don't do your body ANY good.
long live butter!

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